• The best care started at Total Care but let me finish pain free in my home
  • No matter what your diagnosis or injury, we provide individualized treatments
  • Exceptional treatment skills with an encouraging, fun atmosphere!
  • Work injury prevention, back care, and onsite therapy services
  • Feel Good Again

    Remember what life was like before you had pain

  • An Improved Lifestyle

    Heal your pain & begin to enjoy your favorite activites again.

  • Preventative Care

    Learn what you can do now to help prevent future injuries from occuring.

Physical Therapy in Memphis
  • Outpatient Referral By Doctor

    Please use the document below for outpatient referral by doctor. If you have any questions, please call our office (901) 761-4888

    Outpatient Referral By Doctor
  • A 20-Year Experienced Therapy Center

    We offer individualized physical therapy treatment plans specific to each patient’s diagnosis and goals in order to achieve a successful outcome.

    About Total Care
  • No Prescription Needed for Therapy

    No longer do you need a prescription from your physician to see a Physical Therapist when injured or experiencing pain.

    Therapy Without a Prescription
  • Interactive Education Tools

    Did you know that there are around 639 muscles and 205 bones in the human body? Our interactive anatomy tool helps you learn about muscles, injuries, and common conditions.

    Educational tools

Treat each and every customer with respect, love, complete & total care.